Metaverses from Jason Schuler on Vimeo

Artists Jason Schuler, Justine Williams, Vanessa Gilbert and Patricia Faolli collaborated in residence at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Media Lab, with artists from the Westbeth Home to the Arts and with the Performance and Interactive Media Arts (PIMA) MFA program at Brooklyn College, to explore creative ways to use augmented-reality to tour the Museum’s collections.

Inspired by community-based artistic collaborations, the emerging artists are collaborating with established older artists Paul Binnerts, Nancy Gabor, Stephen Hall, Penny Jones and Christina Maile, who have sustained artistic practices, living and working at the historic Westbeth Home to the Arts. The group calls the collaboration “Metaverses” referring to collective virtual shared space.

This video, presented for promotional purposes, was produced and edited by Jason Schuler

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