About Doctored Pictures

Doctored Pictures is the passion project of filmmaker Jason Schuler. It is a production company that presents and produces narrative and experimental films. Recent projects include:

  • Hirohito, a short video created for the interactive museum exhibit, The OracleThe Oracle tells the story of Iris Atalanta Lee, a luddite protester who was beheaded by the British government. Her head travelled the world, visiting laymen and dignitaries, speaking from beyond the grave. In 1945, Iris’s skull was allegedly smuggled into Japan, where it was given an audience with Emperor Showa (Hirohito).
  • Decimus 11, a music video for the Decimus Magnus Ausonius album series. Decimus is a project by No-Neck Blues Band founding member Pat Murano.
  • Alien Interloper Performance Automobile Machine, is a short video project created as an exquisite corpse. An exquisite corpse is a method by which a collection of words or images is collectively assembled. In our project each collaborator added to the video composition in sequence by only being allowed to see the end of what the previous collaborator contributed. Each filmmaker shot a three minute video segment and provided the last few seconds to the next director to continue the story. They did not discuss or see any other part of the collaboration, until it was completed.

About Jason Schuler

Jason Schuler, founded Doctored Pictures in 2002.  He is a filmmaker, screenwriter, designer and performer. He has directed several short films and music videos. In 2015 he collaborated on the project Metaverses, an augmented reality tour of collections in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. He is a founding member and Producing Artistic Director of the Operating Theater Company, which produces live interactive and immersive multimedia events. Working in the creative advertising department at Miramax Films, he directed special shoots for festival and film market promos for Shakespeare in Love, Dogma (animated with his artwork) and Birthday Girl. He has an MFA from Brooklyn College’s Performance and Interactive Media Arts program and a BFA from New York University where he double majored in Drama (Experimental Theater Wing) and Film & Television Production.

See more at: www.jasonschuler.com